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Thinkpad T540p

Making it dual boot

  1. upgraded to windows 8.1 for luck
  2. updated drivers (with a lenovo utility)
  3. shrunk main windows partition using the windows disk utility
    • This give us space for a linux system
    • In practice I could only halve it, I would have preferred to reclaimed more for linux :-(
  4. Noted that the bios was uefi secure boot. Left all settings as delivered (apart from enabling usb boot)
  5. Installed opensuse 13.1 from usb stick
    • opensuse managed everything just fine - recognised uefi secure boot, and wrote boot loader such that dual booting just worked
    • Created a single encrypted partition with LVM
    • Created various LVM volumes for OS, /home etc
    • Ensured swap was as big as memory in order to allow sleep
  6. Everything seems to work just fine except…
    • Sleep, Hibernate
      • Installed the package acpid
      • Rebooted and then sleep works when selected. Does not seem to detect lid closing
      • However hibernate does not work - it hibernates ok but does not come out of hibernation properly - gui never refreshes and is just blank despite cursor moving around ok :-(

General Comments

  • The trackpad is awful
  • Build quality is tacky compared to my old z60m (which is still going strong)
  • HP elitebooks are made so much better, but they're expensive and the HP uk website is pretty much unusable if you want to search for display resolution (as opposed to simply inches, what are they on!)
  • The T540p display is excellent - 1920×1080 over 15.6inches which is why I bought it.
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