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Some notes on my pi experiences (with thanks to Andy H for some top tips!)…

Initial Boot

  • First problem: no signal on the TV
    • Solution: RTFM: press '3' and it will output composite PAL
  • Booted ok and then I created the default OS on the flash card (raspberian?)
  • Then it failed to boot this
    • got continual timeouts with the mmc service (Whatever that is) trying loads of different commands
    • I guessed it might be my ancient imac keyboard or mouse (I didn't have other usb kbd/mouse spares) and low and behold, it booted ok
    • plugging these back in seems to work fine
  • Enabled ssh so we can log in remotely
  • Did some updates:
    1. sudo apt-get update (updates repo's)
    2. sudo apt-get upgrade (actually upgrade packages)
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